Apps to get to sleep may leave you thinking about plagues

There is an app for everything these days. From a dog whistle to an iDrunktxt app, which makes it easier for slightly intoxicated people to send messages, there is an endless amount of weird and wonderful apps.

Last night I used the Nature Sound app to get to sleep.

I tried the Tropical Rainforest as it sounded peaceful, but the chirping birds sounded more like morning (as I have birds that hang out in the trees outside my bedroom and won’t shut up first thing in the morning).

The Grasshoppers sound made me think that a plague was coming.

Crickets Chirping reminded me of camping. And it’s much too cold to go camping.

I finally settled on Night Rain. The soothing sound was consistent, something I need to go off to slumber land.

The app has a timer so you don’t need to drain your phone battery. It turns itself off after the set time.

I set it for 15 minutes and lo and behold, I don’t remember it turning off as I was sound asleep.

I’m on to something here as I never fall asleep that quickly.

What apps do you like or find wacky?

For those sleepless nights we all struggle with, what is your secret for nodding off  to dreamland?



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