Parking rates go sky high

We knew this was coming.

With less than a week to go before the start of the World Figure Skating Championships, news is that Impark, which virtually controls downtown parking, will increase its rates.

And not only a little bit. It’s a huge jump.

The Free Press is reporting that the daily fee for Wednesday to Saturday will be $25, up from about the normal day-long rate of $7.50. 

Impark leases the lots from property owners who want to make money from special events, a spokesperson says.

But special events will already increase rates for owners as more people will be parking. Is there really a need to jack up the prices so much?

I can see a bit of an increase but this is unreasonable.

And I don’t care what people in other cities pay. 

The only figure we really need to look at is the $17.50 increase.

Is this enough to keep you from attending the world event?

Is this being too greedy?


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