London Lightning let last regular season home game slip away

Thanks to blog reader Chuck Dickson for providing tickets for us to attend the Lightning basketball game this past weekend.

It was the biggest crowd of the season at Budweiser Gardens with close to 5,000 spectators.

The  Lightning excelled at ball control and keeping the visiting Summerside Storm outside the perimeter.

London’s biggest lead of the game was 14 points as the players worked hard and chipped away at the Summerside D, who looked disorganized at times.

But then the Storm turned the tables. Too often the Lightning players lost sight of their checks in the last quarter and the Storm were given clear looks at the basket. They managed to get ahead and stay ahead as the minutes ticked down.

But even when it was over, clearly, the fans at the Bud didn’t give up hope. They were loud and supportive. It was a great atmosphere.  Another minute might have made the difference for London but time ran out and the Storm ran away with the win.

Better now than in the playoffs though. I expect good things from the Lightning in the postseason. Another championship in the NBL of Canada is a distinct possibility.

What did you do this past weekend?

Go to the sugar bush?

Read a good book?

Bemoan the cold, dreary weather?

Have you seen the Lightning play this year or do you watch them on TV?

Nice to have another sports team in town.


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