An earlier hint about Oscar Pistorius’ character

The man accused of murdering his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day had shown a different side from the London Olympics hero the world witnessed.

The man who was permitted to run against able-bodied athletes even though he had no legs was one of the best stories of the last Summer Olympics.

But then came the Paralympics. Pistorius lost to Brazilian Alan Fonteles Oliveira in the 200 metres.

He immediately criticized the length of Oliveira’s blades. He complained to journalists as soon as the race was over.

This from a man who fought claims that he had an advantage with his legs, including from the International Association of Athletics Federations.

He later apologized. “That was Alan’s moment and I would like to put on record the respect I have for him.”

Pistorius said he brought up blade lengths with the International Paralympic Committee earlier. Maybe he has a case.

But it was an amazing reaction from someone who experienced the same criticism when he wanted to run in international competition with his blades.

Was Pistorius only thinking of himself in that moment? It sounded like it.

And his rant against Oliveira was the first thing I thought of when I first heard the news that his girlfriend was dead. At that time, reports said Pistorius thought he was shooting an intruder. I wasn’t so sure.

Certainly there are many people who lose their temper and say things they shouldn’t in the heat of the moment. But it was truly disappointing considering Pistorius had been through the same fight himself in finally being allowed to compete.

And now there is another tragedy involving a hero.

It just leaves you numb all the way around.


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