Pope does the right thing

We well know that Roman Catholic Popes have not always acted ethically.

In the case of Pope Benedict XVI his surprise resignation makes sense. He is correct to resign the papacy.

He has been head of the church for eight years but at 85, he is no longer fit enough, mentally and physically, to maintain the rigorous schedule.

Popes usually reign until death.

I see this as a brave move on his part and it is historic. The job belongs to a younger man (or perhaps one day a younger woman).

The Cardinals, who will select the next Pope, should seriously look at someone young (by young I mean in the 50s).

It is almost 600 years since the last Pope, Gregory XII, left his role.

What is this Pope’s legacy?

I liked that he criticized the excesses of capitalism and denounced consumerism and materialism.

He also apologized for the clergy abuse scandal. Some say it did not go far enough and this is true.

Benedict XVI was hyper conservative and many Catholics moved away from the church under his papacy.

This really caught me by surprise as there is a tradition for a pope to sit atop the church till death.

Did it shock you?

Who should replace him?





5 thoughts on “Pope does the right thing

  1. Not a Roman Catholic so amnot up on their careers through the ages.
    Has any Pope been considered to have kept the position too long, when
    he was no longer fit physically/mentally to do the job ? Tough on them
    now when so much international travel is wanted.
    Kathy, do you know the vow this man took when he accepted the Office?
    We know what our head of the Church of England the current monarch
    vowed, presumable on her own initative, precluding her retiring (leaving
    her unfortunate firstborn to stand in the wings until he is old himself.
    Wasn’t there a Pope Joan ?

  2. Being born c1927, now 85 years of age, does not necessarily mean
    a person is atomatically a write-off.
    It was this man’s evaluation (and no doubt that of his personal physician)
    of his own personal circumstances that led to the decision to abdicate,
    according to news coverage to date.

  3. The Papacy in the news,
    You’re correct. Age doesn’t matter but he was looking so tired in many of his recent public appearances. Also seemed to resort to tradition all the time instead of really looking at and studying the issues of the church today. Was he just sticking to his church roots though?
    The position requires tons of travel and overseeing so many issues. I don’t think I could have kept up either!
    He had recently taken up Tweeting though, or at least someone in the Vatican did with his approval.
    Some say John Paul II should have stepped down because of Parkinsons. Not sure on that one as his spirit was still so strong and he pushed through no matter what his physical limitations.

  4. Not a ‘Tweet’ user, this does not impress me as part of his mandate.
    It reaches a limited number of the faithful, and the world at large.
    Kathy, do you know how the Vatican bureaucracy works, who did
    His Holiness have to consult before making his announcement ?
    If nothing else, he has forfeited the paycheque and residence –
    wonder if he will retire to his home country to stay out of the
    limelight for the new process of Papal selection. No doubt we will
    hear a lot about the interesting process choosing a successor.

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