The cats are on the prowl

We have several stray cats in our neighbourhood and they are always fighting.

What’s worse is their spray. You go outside and that’s all you can smell.

Any suggestions on how to deter cats from spraying on your property? Car tires and the garage seem to be their favourite targets.


3 thoughts on “The cats are on the prowl

  1. You might want to try this plant – order at Richter’s. You can root cuttings.
    ” Piss-Off Plant Plectranthus ‘Sumcol 01’ Uses: Aromatic/Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 11+)
    -Cats and dogs won’t go near it. Much as we love our feline and canine friends, they can be a royal pain in
    the you-know-where when they carouse in our gardens. They romp around damaging plants, dig holes, and otherwise ‘do their business’ where they shouldn’t. For some reason not yet understood, furry critters
    absolutely detest the odour of this plant and won’t go near it. When planted three feet apart, the Piss-Off
    Plant will protect a whole garden. Surprisingly the plant is not particularly offensive to humans, and it does not
    harm children or pets. And it has succulent leaves and attractive lavender flowers. In fact, originally it was bred
    in Europe as an ornamental, and only later was its unique animal-repelling feature discovered.
    – P4490 Plants $6.25/ea, $14.10/3 plants, $45.00/12 plants (Canadian Dollar )
    Protected by U.S. patent (USPP#13,843)

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