Confirmation of former Londoner’s blood ties to Richard III

A big announcement was made Monday in Leicester, England.

London native Michael Ibsen, now living in England, is the 17th great grandnephew  of King Richard III, who died in battle in 1485

The Leicester Mercury reports that Ibsen, whose mother Joy (Brown) transferred the royal DNA, was taken to a private room in University of Leicester where the stunning news was delivered.

Michael called the news “too amazing for words.”

Michael’s father Norm was a longtime employee of The London Free Press. I met him once as a student.

His mother also worked at The Free Press for a short time.

DNA continues to be a boon of discovery.

I think this story is pretty cool.

What do you know about Richard III? Do you think he had his nephews murdered to ascend the throne? Good thing Michael was way, way down the line.

Here is the Leicester Mercury story.


One thought on “Confirmation of former Londoner’s blood ties to Richard III

  1. Norm Ibsen is memorable for a column he wrote for the Free Press perhaps
    25 years back, about the floating apostrophe in this city. At the time it seemed
    to be used erroneously on signs, in news reports etc. but the introduction of
    the internet with its business websites seems to have encouraged more
    careful checking.

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