What a difference in customer service

I’ve heard a lot of complaints that customer service isn’t what it used to be and mostly I agree.

But some companies still value their customers.

Starbucks is one of them. I recently received a prompt and courteous email from the company after I couldn’t print its coupons.

They immediately put more than the value of the coupons on my Starbucks card.

This is in contrast to Greyhound.

In order to travel to a funeral in Northern Ontario recently, I had to make a connection through Greyhound.

All was well until my flight home was cancelled due to freezing rain. That meant I couldn’t make  my connection on Greyhound.

When I called to re-schedule, they said it would cost $15 to make the change.

I said I would leave at the same time on the same route, only a day later. There were 17 buses heading to London on the day I needed to travel.

Too bad. Will still cost $15, I was told. When I said it wasn’t good customer service, the Greyhound rep said, “It isn’t our fault your flight was cancelled.” I said, “Well, it isn’t my fault either.  This isn’t a good way to treat your customers.”

He gave me a number to speak to another rep. When I called that number, I was told I would have to pay $20. The fee just went up!

In the end, when I talked to an employee face to face at the terminal, I was able to make an exchange with no extra fee.

However, a family member whose flight was also delayed and she missed the Greyhound connection had to pay the $20.

One company went an extra step to keep a customer and another really couldn’t care at all.

Tell me about any recent experiences, good or bad, that you had with a company?

Is customer service alive or dead?



2 thoughts on “What a difference in customer service

  1. Greyhound does not give a hoot about their customers. Wife was in Toronto for a few days visiting her sister and we decided that I would go to the bus terminal her in London to purchase her a ticket home on the Greyhound as the weather and roads were very dicey. Imagine my dismay when they charged me a premium to purchase my wife a ticket as I was not the one doing the traveling even though I was paying cash. This now meant the Greyhound was more expensive then the VIA. Lesson learned, VIA is now the preferred method of transportation when either my wife or I are traveling. NEVER AGAIN GREYHOUND. RIP OFF.

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