Obama’s swearing-in appropriate on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I remember watching Obama’s first inauguration ceremony four years ago. It was historic and people filed into the newsroom from throughout The Free Press building to watch on our TV screens.

It was a time of hope.

There is not as much hope this time around at Obama’s public inauguration ceremony today, but quiet optimism, I would say.

I think it is significant that Obama’s swearing-in will take place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, celebrated today in the U.S.

I hope he mentions this in his speech.

King would have loved to witness a black man becoming president.

He set the gears in motion for Obama to achieve this.

How far we have come.



15 thoughts on “Obama’s swearing-in appropriate on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  1. That’s a really good question Michael.
    I think we all hoped the economy would be in better shape than it is today. It’s still struggling and so are many families.
    Health care is better for Americans, although many would argue it is not enough.
    The made-in America policies have certainly hurt Canada’s manufacturing.
    I think getting Bin Laden eliminated a lot of global fears, although al-Quaida is still going strong.
    Pulling out of Iraq was a good move, I believe.
    Foreign relations appear to have improved under Obama. Still there are many countries that hate the U.S.
    Immigration policies are moving in the right direction.
    What do you think Michael?

  2. $100 million cost to to taxpayer, made thousands of people work on a statutory holiday.
    He is currently working on a plan to stabilize the economy, it would be nice if he could just rewind the clock 4 years & put it back where it was.

  3. Not my area of info but isn’t ‘Martin Luther King Day’ a federal statutory paid
    holiday, celebrated first Monday in January; and a presidential Inauguration
    is mandated for January 20th of a post-election year – coinciding with the
    birth date of the birth of King, this year both landing on a holiday Sunday?
    Pres. Obama did work this assassinated black leader into the ceremony, using
    2 stacked Bibles held by his wife, one once King’s, while making oath of Office.

  4. I’m getting lost. Nobel Prize site says he was born
    January 15 in 1929 not January 20th, legal president
    swear-in date.
    MLKjr “Day” was invented in 1968, the year of the
    assassination which elevated him to near sainthood
    re the civil rights situation. Once in a long time it
    follows the 4th year presidential ceremony. Now to
    to figure out how often that will come together again…
    or do the dishes..

  5. Birthday was Jan. 15 and holiday celebrated third Monday in January.
    Inquirer News said it is only the second time that Inauguration Day has fallen on MLKJ Day.Oregon Live also said it was the second time. Neither media outlet referenced the other time.
    I thought CNN said it was the third time yesterday.

  6. I’m trying to figure it out on a perpetual calendar re future presidencies.
    Doubt we will be around to see it.
    When 3rd Monday in January working from 2013 falls on the 20th, there will
    be a complete match.
    How many of those Sunday near matches since the Day idea came up 38 years
    ago ? The relevant January has to begin on a Sunday doesn’t it to make the 20th
    day one too?
    Not sure why it matters as King was not a President like the other BIble owner
    only his skin colour relates him to the Presidential businessr. Obama has surely
    risen above this narrow identifier now, and lots of world leaders aren’t whatever the
    definition of White is. More not-something than clearly defined.

  7. cutting and pasting from Bartleby we get the 20th in 1993 as a Tuesday.
    “Bill Clinton First Inaugural Address on Wednesday, January 21, 1993”

  8. well, it has to be Jan 20th at 4-year intervals (barring a Truman, LBJ or Ford
    situation) and the weeks have to work out falling on 3rd Monday in January,
    which actually is what is deemed MLKjr Day down there.. Need a perpetual
    calendar .Whether the United States presidents at those dates reference King
    remains to be seen.Did anyone before this “black” president do so?
    Weird that both the men who owned the Bibles Obama chose were murdered..
    Am not too clear why media noted that Inauguration Day was on a Sunday,
    close to a paid Monday public holiday as if any American working stiff did not
    know – nice for those involved in the partying though,being able to sleep in the
    next morning.

  9. Yes, US Governance, President Clinton spoke of King, it was reported when the date coincided.
    Here’s what he was quoting as saying in his speech.”Thirty-four years ago, the man whose life we celebrate today spoke to us down there at the other end of this Mall in words that moved the conscience of a nation. Like a prophet of old, he told of his dream that one day America would rise up and treat all its citizens as equals before the law and in the heart,” Clinton said in his address. “Martin Luther King’s dream was the American dream.”
    I think the next one will be 2025.

  10. Life was simpler before there were “Days” for everything.
    King was born on 1912 January 15
    Dream speech was 1963 August 28 – presumably 34 years pre Clinton.
    The artificially-set Day (1968)is a moveable feast, third Monday of January.
    ..usually near the 15th of the month King’s birth anniversary.
    Not sure that prior to this Democrat party new President this was a major
    focus of a feel-good, inclusive ‘President of all the people’ theme for a USA
    Inauguration speech – some did’nt like it, rubbing salt in old wounds on
    a day for the whole country.
    Not my problem – we in Upper Canada dealt with the Slave issue in 1793,
    long before the Empire did. Imperfectly yes, but well ahead of those times.

  11. TYPO Dr. King b. 1929, would be 84 now if he had survived.
    And we in Canada, the Commonwealth, do not celebrate this
    US “Day”.. We have our own January Day, birthday of our first
    PM Sir John A, on the 11th – 200th in 1915. But not paid, so
    everyone can go to the mall insteading of learning more of our
    national story.

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