Happy birthday to my Uncle Don

It’s a special birthday today for my uncle.

I’d like to wish him a very happy day and a happy year.

I recently saw him at a family funeral and although the event was sad, I was pleased to see Uncle Don and Aunt Tillie.

I would tell you more about my Uncle Don because he’s a good man, but he’s also a private person.

I hope he doesn’t mind that I send him birthday wishes on my blog!

Have a good one Uncle Don.

Let us know how you’re spending your special day if you want to.


One thought on “Happy birthday to my Uncle Don

  1. I spent this day watching the world almost come to an end because a dude took drugs and road a bike around Europe. I knew he was hitting himself with pain killer 10 years ago, some unscrupulous horse trainers or the big pond were dabbling in it as well. Sounds like your quite fond of your uncle, make a point to spend some time with him, nephews and nieces lose uncles quite suddenly all too often. cheers

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