Tournament forces some hockey teams to stay at London hotels

A popular London tournament that attracts numerous hockey squads included stipulations that teams 120 km or father away, stay in a hotel or risk forfeiture.

And not only that, the teams had to stay at one of the tournament’s designated hotels.

Here is the rule for the Jayden Elmore Memorial Tournament, held this past weekend.

“All teams requiring hotel accommodations will be required to stay at one of our designated host hotels. ALL teams based 120 km or further from London are required to stay in London at one of our approved hotel offerings. We have chosen hotels with varied price points and amenities to suit all needs and requirements. Any team not in compliance with this policy will be disqualified from the tournament and forfeit their games and payments. This policy is a condition of acceptance into the tournament.”

With traffic on the 401 traveling 120km/hr, you could make it to London from some places in only an hour.

Rather than pay a  hotel bill, our family would choose to drive there and back if we were in this situation.

The rules also state that hotels cannot be guaranteed. Therefore if you don’t book early enough, you may be out of luck getting one of these hotels.

“…withdrawal from the tournament because of a lack of amenities at remaining hotels is not an option. Please check first,” is what the rules say about the potential of not getting a hotel.

You may be stuck with the most expensive hotel of the lot and be forced to take it or lose registration money.

The cost to enter the tournament is $775.

A money maker? Yes. Is it good for families? No.

And by the way, this is a house league tournament. In house league, the emphasis is on fun and it’s not supposed to cost as much in order to make it more accessible to all who want to play.



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