Outcry over comics – happens every time

Someone sent me a Facebook page titled Fix London Free Press Comics.

Last week the newspaper announced it is changing its comic section.

It is dropping most of its comics actually.

Zits, Baby Blues, Dog Eat Doug, One Big Happy, Between Friends, The Other Coast, Zack Hill and Chuckle Brothers, as well removing  the Jumble puzzle.

What readers seem to get most upset about over the years is when the comics are tampered with.

There is outrage and floods of letters each time this happens.

The Fix London Free Press Comics Facebook page asks people to share the link to “fix” the comics.

It isn’t going to happen no matter how much the public complains.

The changes are dictated by corporate.

Editors at The Free Press couldn’t “fix” this problem even if they wanted to.

They just endure the deluge of letters and eventually people forget. Some may cancel a subscription but somewhere money is already being saved by changing these comics so a few cancellations doesn’t really matter is the reasoning.

Do you miss the comics?


2 thoughts on “Outcry over comics – happens every time

  1. Hi Uncle Don,
    Other people in letters to the editor and on Facebook are saying the same thing. Publishers should be listening.
    I have found readers will put up with a lot of changes, but not to the comics.
    What newspapers are you reading these days?

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