Canadian champion quit school in Grade 9

Western Fair Raceway regular driver Trevor Henry captured the Canadian harness racing driving championship.

When visiting the track this year there was a lot of talk about Henry’s winning ways. He had 533 victories in 2012.

Jennifer O’Brien wrote a story on Henry’s championship.

With the provincial government-teachers’ dispute at full force, is there a possibility other kids like Henry could just drop out and seek their own way?

I’m surprised Henry could quit school in Grade 9 as it is mandatory to be educated until at least the age of 16 in Canada. How is that enforced?

While Henry’s decision hasn’t impacted him financially, that could change when the slots-at-racetracks program ends in March.


3 thoughts on “Canadian champion quit school in Grade 9

  1. It will end for Henry along with many others unfortunately, and many of these now employed are unemployable in other industries ( the list is endless ). This will even effect institutions such as University Of Guelph and their Veterinary Program. Think of all the people who are employed by the tracks etc . . .

  2. Gord,
    Truly a problem the government hasn’t addressed. Deadline looms near with no word of any transition money, new gaming sites or how to deal with thousands left without work.
    Keep up your winning ways for the time being Gord. Congrats on second Monday.

  3. Born sometime in 1971, young Trevor may’ve been close enough to Ontario school-leaving
    age when the teacher strike was over and classes were resumed, so his parents agreed he
    could stay on working in that field at which he excelled.

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