Monkeying around on New Year’s Eve

People love monkeys as witnessed by the attention of the Ikea monkey, Darwin.

The now famous monkey was found in an Ikea parking lot in Toronto. He had on a cute little jacket and photographs taken of him in the parking lot went viral.

The CBC reported he was even featured in a fashion story in the U.K. Guardian newspaper.

An acquaintance of mine wanted to put together a film about Darwin.

With this in mind, I was not quite as surprised to find that my most popular story on this blog in 2012 was of the death of another famous Monkee, Davy Jones.

WordPress sent me a report of my blog activity in 2012. It was interesting and informative.

When Jones, a member of the band the Monkees, who had a TV show, died in February, I blogged about his sudden passing. I wrote about my interest in the TV show when I was a youngster.

Nostalgia can be a big draw for people, especially at this time of year.

So for those people who enjoyed the Monkees, the music and the show, it wasn’t a surprise they turned to the Internet to learn more about Jones.

I hope you reflect fondly on 2012 and on other years that have passed with nostalgia.

I wish you a peaceful and blissful 2013.

What will I be doing in 2013? Figuring out how to get more monkeys into my blog!


10 thoughts on “Monkeying around on New Year’s Eve

  1. It looked to us as if the boy monkey was trying to tell someone that the owner had bought
    him the wrong kind of jacket. It buttons “girls’ way”, to the right not to the left as real men’s
    clothing does.
    – Are we wrong in thinking the Monkee band posting moved on to your late father’s affairs ?

  2. This was significant when a brother’s “perfectly good coat” was passed along to a younger
    Caught in this error have been CIBC marketing which did not think when it reversed the
    Images of Prime Ministers on the various banknotes some time ago; children’s cartoon
    Caesar and Nellie and RBC’s little blue man which it took much online joshing to get him
    out of his wife’s jacket.
    Also a nitpicker’s entertainment is tallying those who wear the McCrae-inspired poppy
    on the wrong side. TVO’s UK Manor Reborn is a wonderful example as the action moves
    to early November and one big wheel female finally catches on.
    Boy’s and girl’s sides for parting one’s hair was at one time significant – again left to right
    for the superior sex.

    …Sorry, I hate that hanging word effect when miscalculate character count for line

    • Now now, Ikea company had nothing to do with the little coat – just profitting
      from the free mentions of its brand name. The same goof is found in Globe
      Life section today in the cartoon illustrating Facts and Arguments – both wife
      and husband buttoning their coats the traditional ladies’s way. Guy artwork,
      but female editor..Oddly there seems to be little curiosity about where the
      owner got her monkey clothing – unless she is a skilled seamstress herself.

  3. By the way, your blog is a Media/medium, isn’t it ? So the topic is up front
    a bit. And please don’t blame the poor animal for its self-styled Mother’s
    choices. Have I got you eyeing the buttoning in print and online images?
    Will try to find original rationale for the difference – a new mini-obsession
    for the year ahead.
    If you’re planning for ‘Ontario Heritage Week’ this February, beginning 3rd
    Monday, this is the 220th year since the official Founding of London. Gov.
    Simcoe et al travelled most of February from Newark to Detroit, reaching this
    Forks on the return trip in early March. Images of the Journal recording that
    outgoing week on the trail, and Mrs.Simcoe’s view of the trek are available
    if you want to post them. Tougher times in travel than now…”mostly by foot”..

  4. Sadly, the current provincial government eliminated the federal tradition of that Monday
    being for contemplation of our “heritage” – shared ,as Canadians and Ontarians and
    locally, and our individual family cultural stories..
    Renaming it ‘Family Day’ divided the haves from the have-nots, jolly celebrations of those
    with kin close by, and salt in the wounds of those less fortunate. The full Week was set
    up nearly 30 years ago, to allow for more than a 6.00 pm TV news reference to it having
    been a day on many Canadian calendars. Just found a snapshop of Orlo Miller accepting
    the first Week Proclamation for from Mayor Gleeson which is why mentioned it so early.
    Look forward to your chosing a theme for your ruminations on the topic. Last year you
    made a significant contribution to local art and family histories under LFP auspices.
    This year you are,despite the poet, an island on your own..

  5. hate to leave the media is the message aspects of the monkey tale, without
    the folk saying Monkey See, Monkey Do, which rather describes the process
    of something without copyright protection going “viral”..

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