Best quote about spirit of Christmas comes from a Muslim

There is a London Free Press story about Muslims donating to a Catholic charity to aid the needy this Christmas.

Written by Jennifer O’Brien, it tells of a local St. Vincent de Paul conference collecting food to help about 100 families this Christmas.

The president of St. John the Divine Catholic Church’s St. Vincent de Paul chapter, Moe Lacerte, asked a Muslim mosque if they would like to donate.

The Muslims were delighted to be asked and came up big. Students at the London Islamic School also donated.

Ali D. Chahbar, a member at London Muslim Mosque, helped with the food drive.

He had this to say about Christmas. “We are not Christians and don’t celebrate Christmas, but we are engulfed by the spirit and …any time there’s a jubilant, harmonious feeling, whatever creed it is under, we thrive on it.”

Let’s keep the jubilant harmonious feeling going and heal the world this Christmas and always.


One thought on “Best quote about spirit of Christmas comes from a Muslim

  1. Not to diminish the cross-religion goodwill in the story, it states about 100 households
    in this city – term “family” is always misleading as not all kin re at the same address or
    even in London – need donated basic supplies to join in the traditional December 25th
    The number of London households/addresses seems to be about 150.000. Now wouldn’t
    it be useful if a journalist took the story further. How many taxpaying households are not
    on a needy list, so how many of our neighbours are reduced to being recipients this kind
    of celebratory charity?
    There was an Interesting reader piece in the Toronto Globe a couple of days ago about
    youngsters wanting to be kind, but finding out that was not how it was perceived at the
    receiving side of the equation..
    Let’s carry this interest in who’s In and who is Out in blessings into the next year, and see
    if we can come up with other solutions to such chronic problems. Is there a remnant of the
    Victorian view that the needy are unable to make responsible choices, and if just getting a
    special cheque for this high holiday would result in them “spending it on beer”?
    Good for you for being a Overseas Sponsor – a personally rewarding experience we’ve found,
    but my point today is our own back yard and local Christmas expectations particularly in
    households with young ones..

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