Sponsoring a child a meaningful gift all year round

We’ve been able to sponsor a child from Niger for the past five years.

Her name is Saoude and she’s 11. My kids have come to look forward to the reports we get from Niger about how she is doing. She usually submits a drawing to us with the information and it is cherished.

We sponsor Saoude through World Vision. The cost is a  little over $1/day.

I hope you don’t mind blog readers, but I’d like to tell you about a few more children who need sponsors.

All of these children are from Uganda.

Jude is 9 and likes to learn different languages. He lives in a poor area of the country and his parents do not have enough to care for their family.

Moses is 10 and loves math.  His parents are unemployed.

Stephen is also 10 and likes language. He lives with his grandmother because his father died.

Teddy is an 11-year-old female. Her father is a labourer but does not have regular work.  He cannot provide the necessities of life.

Sylvia is 9 and enjoys math. Her parents are both unemployed.

For more information, visit World Vision at http://www.worldvision.ca or call 1-800-268-4888 or contact me.




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