It’s time for some Christmas cheer and gift giving

So how about we create our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas and what we would like from the City of London.

On the first day of Christmas, I’d like a 0% tax increase.

What would you like?


8 thoughts on “It’s time for some Christmas cheer and gift giving

  1. A Corporate gift would be some oversight of the feel-good all-over-the- place
    charitable gift efforts for the needy at Christmas. Something 3rd-worldish about
    seeing citizens lined up for a handout or having hampers and toys dropped
    off at their homes. Can we not plan ahead to give some dignity to families
    in such predicable distress at a time of gift exchange we take for granted
    regardless of faith?
    Would like to use a day to give thanks to our City for the services you already
    quietly provided for eligible elderly householders, regular at-door garbage/recyling
    pickup, and the monthly visiting library service. Not much for those of you who
    get around town without giving it a thought, but real lifestyle enablers for those
    in need of them.
    – Or should this comment be withheld until the old-fashioned purpose of Boxing
    Day, when people recognized with boxes of goodies those who’ve given us good
    service during the past year?

  2. Season Sentiments,
    You are so correct about making people feel shameful when they can’t provide a full Christmas for their families has to stop.
    And glad the city has provided useful tools for you.

  3. With media guilt-tripping everyone to buy and donate, and rewarding some with personal
    publicity, one would think someone in the field would attempt to do a head count of how
    many households in this city is so under-privileged that all those toys are necessary and
    a donated products for a Christmas meal. Pretty Victorian.
    -Second your motion about tax dollars enabling that use of Library communications setups.
    Perhaps we could take a look at their rules for deciding what precisely is that city agency’s
    mandate for information provision. Are rules made by appointed Board, by paid staff, or
    response to public input ?
    I can see a difference between providing the “tools”- the various media, and what is made
    available in content in these public buidlings.
    Kathy, how are pornography sites identified, and what would be required to filter them

  4. There are filtering programs you can purchase. With enough computer savvy, one can do this without purchasing a program. WikiHow has information on how you can do this. Microsoft has a family safety filter as well.

  5. So it is no problem for Library staff to set up filters. But what distinguishes “porn”
    sites that a filter can be set for ? Is there a definition of the field, as if want to make
    a issue we need to be able to explain what is unacceptable. Some of us know nothing
    about the problem.

  6. I’m not dealing with this myself, just trying to understand what you want the public library
    to do re your 12 Days’ Wish that it would ‘pull the plug’.

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