Titanic series on CBC worth watching


We’ve heard a lot about the Titanic in the 100th anniversary year of her maiden voyage and sinking.

But if you’d like to see a fictional tale based on historical facts, the CBC 12-part series, Titanic: Blood and Steal is a  show to check out. You can watch episodes on the CBC website as the series just wrapped up on TV. Not everything in the show is factual, be warned.

The series stars Woodstock actor Kevin Zegers, (shown above) who plays the ambitious metallurgist with a conscience, Mark Muir. Zegers plays the character with remarkable control. He remains true to Muir throughout, in his impressive performances.

Well-known actors Neve Campbell and Chris Noth are also in the series. Distinguished British actor, Sir Derek Jacobi, plays Lord Pirrie (who was born in Canada).

CBC pulled off a massive production feat in bringing the Titanic alive for this show.  Most of the early sets were constructed to their full size.

Zegers told The Star he was blown away by the sets. “The bare bones of the ship were massive,” he said. “You really get to see how it was put together and the thousands of workers that were required just to do the riveting. It was quite impressive.”

Set in Belfast, the story digs into the bitter battles between the Protestants and Catholics, the workers and the employers and women asserting their rights in the workplace.

As my in-laws were from Belfast, I enjoyed learning more about this turbulent period and of working conditions. It was mostly filmed in Dublin though, which is a bit disappointing, as I had hoped to see shots of Belfast.

The series offers an original score by Maurizio De Angelis that is impressive as well.

Did you watch the show? What did you think?


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