Bah! Humbug to Canada Post

A QMI Agency story reports that letters to Santa at the North Pole (postal code H0H 0H0)  now need a stamp.

A post office clerk told a Whitby mother she needed to have stamps on the letters to Santa from her children Tyler, 10 and Hailey, 7.

Canada Post is backtracking a bit now. When the kids’ mother phoned head office, she was told the stamp requirement is a new policy but the letters without stamps will be accepted this year.

The story states the Canada Post website advises people sending letters to Santa to use a stamp.  I couldn’t find anything on the site declaring this when I checked.

Turns out Canada isn’t the only country playing Scrooge this year.

The Irish Central is reporting that the Irish postal service will also charge to mail those letters to Santa. It  cites “the economic times we are in.”

Although the Irish postal service is asking for a stamp, not insisting.

“Putting a stamp on will be appreciated, although it is not obligatory. Santa will write back regardless of whether there is a stamp on the original letter. It’s a request, not a demand.”

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this issue.

Parents wanting to ensure their child’s letter makes it to the North Pole will likely place a stamp on it because Santa will write back if he receives a letter.

Canada Post will now be making some money off a tradition that started 30 years ago.


7 thoughts on “Bah! Humbug to Canada Post

    • OK for YOU I will leave a bag of pricey sweet feed ( what we feed btw ) and a flake of good hay . . .oh ya some licorice and a banana or 3

  1. A reader says that mailing a letter is still a good bargain. It’s one of the least inflationary items in the last 40 years.Communicating with someone via mail is still a heck of a lot cheaper that trying to visit them in person, the reader said.
    Good point.

  2. Isn’t the Canadian offer for Santa to take time to write an answer,
    presumably on special letterpaper, put it in an envelope and mail it
    to wherever, tied for the request parents now pay for stamps for their
    children’s requests for free stuff?
    Not sure how the Post Office is profitting from this – unless Santa can
    frank his mail. Anyone game to write him, perhaps with a pre-paid
    return envelope and see what happens ??. Post Office retirees are
    the elves behind this 3-decade-old miracle as I’ve understood it..

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