Beloved London pediatrician put his patients first

Thousands of children and their families have been touched by the extraordinary care of Dr. Roland Carson.

Dr. Carson, 76, died at his home Wednesday following an illness. His practice closed during the summer when he became ill and it saddened him to close his doors.

I called Dr. Carson after he closed to thank him again for his wonderful care of my children and particularly for saving my son from a life-threatening blood disorder.

I had thanked him before and I wrote about this in The Free Press, but you can never thank someone enough who has saved your child.

My son had ITP, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, which results in a low platelet count. He had bruises all over his body, a rash and he was having nosebleeds.

We took him to Dr. Carson’s office but the good doctor was at a conference out of town. He told me later that he intuitively knew he had to pick up the phone and call in to the office. When he did, nurse Cathy told him about our son.

Dr. Carson ordered blood tests to be done immediately.

Around 10 p.m. that night, we received a call from the lab telling us to get our son to the hospital right away.

He had to be kept in his hospital bed as a fall could be fatal. Severe bleeding can occur with ITP and it can be life-threatening as can trauma to the head.

Our son was given treatment to coat the platelets so his immune system wouldn’t attack them and he made a full recovery.

Without Dr. Carson’s insight, intuition and knowledge, our son may have had lasting health effects or worse.

Dr. Carson met both of my sons at St. Joesph’s Hospital when they were born and he cared for them from then on.

He always wanted to know how the parents were doing as well at each visit.

He forwarded his office phone to his home after hours to take each call.

He went in early and stayed late. He never turned anyone away.

His longtime staff member, Sharon McPherson, told me off this same commitment to all his patients. She loved working for him.

She recently wrote a letter she shared on the Internet.

“He amazed me daily with his accurate diagnosis and treatment of his patients.  He treated everyone equally that walked through his office door. He was very kind to his staff and thanked them daily for the day.  He has the kindest heart and if someone could not afford to pay for a prescription and did not have coverage he would pay for it right out of his own pocket.”

Dr. Carson’s life will be commemorated on Dec. 9 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Museum London.

Condolences to his family and many friends.  He will be extremely missed.


4 thoughts on “Beloved London pediatrician put his patients first

  1. I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Carson at LHSC in obstetrics for over 11 years. I use to think what a smart guy yet so down to earth. He was so pleasant very kind and understanding.You could ask any nurse from St. Joe’s or Victoria Hospital he was one of a kind. When he asked me to come and work along side him at his private practice I was thrilled. My nursing friends thought I was so lucky and yes I was. We had an excellent working relationship , I value our friendship , he was a wonderful, caring , kind human being. Cathy Trinier

  2. Cathy,
    I don’t know if you remember when Aidan came in with bruises all over and you described him to Dr. Carson by phone? Thank you for your role in helping Aidan as well.
    You and Sharon were wonderful to deal with. The best team to serve all those kids.
    Hope you are continuing to share your talents and compassion.
    I am sorry about your great loss. I know how close you and Dr. Carson were.

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