Take a look at some photos of old by Woodstock photographer Charles Hayball (1884-1977) . Post courtesy of Tourism Oxford.

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The room is darkened by heavy, Victorian style curtains. You sit awkwardly on a chair staring at a man standing behind a box. A cloth covers his head as he peers into the box. There are a series of complicated movements – the removal and insertion of plates. He looks at you again through the box. Remember to sit still, he tells you, even after the flash. The flash eventually comes, lighting up the entire room. That was your first posing – your first photograph. If I could extend this scenario, I would say, call the man “Charles” – Charles W. Hayball.

Mention that name today and I hear responses such as “he took my baby picture”.

Charles Hayball (1884-1977) arrived in Woodstock in 1908 and he left a significant imprint on this city. After all, we even named a street after him. His photographic style was not just for…

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