Are you ready for the snow?


After a beautiful week, it’s easy to pretend winter isn’t coming.

I know I’ve put on my blinders and refuse to accept it.

However, in listening to the weather this morning, snow is right around the corner.

Are you ready for it?

A big NO from me.

I’m still thinking about my jog down by the river yesterday in shorts and T-shirt, playing basketball with the kids in our driveway and sitting outside in the sunshine.

What did you do to enjoy the weather this week?


9 thoughts on “Are you ready for the snow?

  1. No no, that’s just the Branagh (sp) fairly recent effort
    -The 1944 one, the original film, stars Olivier and other well known
    actors. Sets were based on the ‘Duc of Berry’s Hour Book’, and a
    feast for the eyes.

  2. That’s it, and if you google a bit you can pick up other bits.
    No debate for me, and suspect your youngsters will thrill
    at those wonderful classically trained voices, those well
    known actors of that era and art-based imagery of the
    Olivier one. Lots of horses too. It was created in wartime to
    raise resolve to Carry On until victory was achieved, the
    spirit of Agincourt. Great French princess..Some may have
    caught it up at Western some years ago.
    You have certainly made my day reminding me of rousing
    speechs to fend off fear…in this case just of another

  3. I love the costumes in the Olivier scene as well.
    Does provide some steadfastness as we await the snow squalls that are now forecast. Thank you Seasonal Gloom.
    Branagh was part of the opening ceremonies at the London Olympics.
    Here’s one more link with a photo. Interestingly American viewers thought he was dressed as Abraham Lincoln, when he was really Isambard Kingdom Brunel,

  4. Re Honest Abe at UK Olympics, not clear who started twitting it.
    But the NYTimes produced this correction on July 30, 2012
    ” The TV Watch column in some editions on Saturday, about the
    broadcast of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics,
    misidentified the person portrayed by Kenneth Branagh.
    He was Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a prominent British engineer
    in the 19th century, not “a Dickens character.” ”
    Of course all us Canadians watching the event knew who IKB

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