London scandal leaves Montreal happy

Montreal officials can now take a bit of a breather. With London Mayor Joe Fontana now facing criminal charges, the spotlight shifts to SW Ontario and off Montreal for the time being.

Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay resigned following testimony at the inquiry into corruption in Quebec’s construction industry that his inner staff were on the take.

Now we learn about Fontana and the possible personal use of public funds again. More information will be forthcoming after a news conference Thursday at 1 p.m.

Is it power that leads to a sense of entitlement in these cases, which occur throughout history and will continue to happen?

It’s distressing to say the least.

Should Fontana step down?


7 thoughts on “London scandal leaves Montreal happy

  1. In the overall scheme of things.. which is worse.. the long term fraudulent association with organized crime, being allowed to influence government contracts.. or an apparent one-time alleged mis-appropriation of funds? Montreal still has lots to be ashamed of… for now.

  2. As Mr. Cudmore, his lawyer pointed out at their press conference to
    the news media conference determined to lynch Mr. Fontana, although
    not supplying their names for the amateur-looking video, a person is
    innocent until guilty in this country, common law formalized in the Charter
    of Rights of 30 years ago. We found it embarrassing to watch, as Londoners.
    Am wondering if there is a case for a change of venue with the lone paper
    trying to stir up public opinion before the defendent has had his day(s) in
    court – is it bucking for a NNA?. What Fontana is “guilty” of is terrible
    speechmaking – Cudmore’s face was a study as he had to decide when to
    turn his platitudes off to save his client from a misstep. Holding such a
    news conference for a client apparently is a rare event, presumably
    trying to dampen the local kangaroo court of public opinion.

  3. Magna Carta,
    An NNA, I’m sure, is on the minds of some over there.
    I watched the event on CTV.
    Fontana did seem ill prepared. I’m not sure what the purpose of the press conference was. I think it just put more attention on Cudmore’s client and the question of his future.

  4. Fontana sounded to me like no one had talked him about style.
    He was just tedious. Thought he had a Personal coach.
    However that was not the point of Cudmores’ interesting
    decision to hold a press conference in his office, Fontana here
    his client, not a Mayor. Personally I thought it a wise move –
    (although I would not advise an experienced practioner like
    Cudmore on how to do his job) – as it showed the public how the
    unidentified media representives were not seeking fact about the
    upcoming legal process now charges have been laid, but lecturing
    his client on how to be Mayor and his future actions. …Trying to
    manipulate public opinion,. none themselves having any service
    on a council or even with the Courts, from the sound of it.
    -The question of this man’s future, personal and political, is open
    until as a Defendent,he’s had a fair hearing and decision re the
    criminal charges in an open public court, and then decides what he
    wants to do next professionally.. …Who on earth was the dark-haired
    girl who got in the cameras’ way and seemed to love it?

  5. No prepared statement could have really caught him up. He talked off the cuff and seemed nervous. A great risk to take, in my opinion, especially as Fontana has said things in the past, used cuss words, etc. that didn’t help his image.

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