So you think you can dance Gangnam Style?

It was worth waiting until the bitter end of the American Music Awards Sunday night to catch Korean sensation PSY.

He performed his mega hit Gangnam Style that has united the world with its 700 million video hits in only two months.

People are going crazy for it.

Personally I don’t get the attraction.

Nevertheless, it was fun to watch him perform the song and dance while celebrities in the audience imitated his pony riding style

Then joining the rapper on stage was MC Hammer. We knew Hammer could bust a move, but I didn’t know PSY could dance so well.

Here’s the link to the video so you can check it out if you missed the awards show. You have to wait until about the 3-minute mark before you’ll see MC Hammer.

I think PSY dances better than he can sing. What do you think?

Also surprised that Justin Bieber was speechless after capturing the Artist of the Year.

He pulled his mom Pattie (of Bethesda Home fame in London) onto the stage as he accepted his award. He thanked her for all she has done for him and it was sweet. But beyond that the 18-year-old singer couldn’t string any words together. Alas, he is only 18 and maybe this is expected.

Did you catch any of the awards show?


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