200th post today

I’ve hit the number 200 in blog posts on Isle of Rumleski.

If nothing else, it means I’m persistent.

I’d like to thank everyone who stops by this site and takes a look, leaves a comment or gives it a “like.”

Someone suggested I should focus on being an “expert” in a certain area instead of blogging on lots of different subjects.

I know that was the advice from the Sun Media blog guru when I worked at The London Free Press. I didn’t follow it and yet, he admitted, I had really good numbers on my blog.

So I’ll ask the real experts – the readers – for your input.

Do you think I should focus on a particular area or be broad minded on the blog?



10 thoughts on “200th post today

  1. Sun blog helper said, paradoxically, in general blogs should focus on one particular area. You build up a following of people who are interested in that subject and who turn to you for more information. He didn’t give a specific of what I should personally focus on.
    But when he looked at my numbers, he said, keep doing what you’re doing.
    I guess I could always focus on journalism, the good, the bad and the future.
    But I’ve always enjoyed seeing what readers think about lots of different subjects.
    Many times my posts are in reaction to something in the news, though. So to a degree it is about journalism.

  2. If we had to watch hockey ALL year without any other sports it would drive us all crazy . . . we need
    diversification Rummer………

  3. LFP blogs have pretty well vanished so Expertise doesn’t seem
    to have paid off if that’s where guru resides. Pretty heavy job
    being an authority and working up an audience which wants you
    to come up with the answers, particularly as you’re not on a
    payroll these days. As for journalism, what really is the audience
    for the topic – and who knows the answers these days anyhow ?
    Sounds like, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Blog land needs more
    where the public can input, not just promoting the host’s visibility.
    You may want to look at your identity line above and see if matches
    what you are covering…
    Congratulations for reaching this landmark number.

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