I am now a personal historian

I have just been trained as a personal historian for Legacy Keepers.

What is Legacy Keepers?

Here’s the spiel: Legacy Keepers is a legacy preservation service. It offers a national network of Personal Historians (both in Canada and the U.S.) and other heritage-preserving professionals who capture your story and turn your spoken words and treasured pictures into completely private, professionally produced audio, print and video legacies to share with present and future generations.

Want a book about your life to pass on to your descendants? Or a video or CD? Legacy Keepers can help. Whatever information you’d like to share is up to you. You are in control of the project.

As a personal historian, I do the interview and record your information.

For more information, call  877.444.3607 or visit http://www.legacykeepers.com/

Here is a link to a story about the organization. http://www.king5.com/new-day-northwest/Legacy-keepers-help-create-a-time-capsule-for-treasured-memories–178905251.html

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Also please mention my name if you do contact Legacy Keepers. Would love to work with any of you on such a project.

If you’d like a free guide, click on the Legacy Keepers link, embedded in the blog photo at the top.


3 thoughts on “I am now a personal historian

  1. Very interesting. Have just decided to create a ‘Cemetery Who’s Who’
    for a najor family plot that starts 1940s with the immigrant’ death and is
    now gathering in several veterans of the big wars and several females,
    a bit unusual.
    This question is bound to come up whenever my remains go in and the
    marker must ordered.
    So far just stuffing their news stories into folders, and trying to think of
    who their descendents not so Toronto focused are, lsaid aid elsewhere.
    Your Book approach is c $500, right ? And avoids the need to appear.
    Let me think about it, as I build the (Surname) info package into pre-plan

  2. Not ready yet, and the focus would be on the lives of the
    pre-deceased people, the grave plot founders, not me.
    Have seen so much technological change not sure about
    the shelf-life of CDs and Videos, visuals for this purpose.

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