U.S. election too close to call

The excitement is building but I think it will take some time before a winner is declared in the U.S. election today.

With Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath still causing confusion and leaving some people unable to vote at all, that may go Mitt Romney’s way.

However, the president’s response to the Superstorm garnered him some support.

But with all of the hurdles standing in the way of some voters, CNN has said there are “thousands” of lawyers ready to fight should ballots be questioned.

While I’m glad the campaign is drawing to a close – Romney is doing some last minute glad-handing this morning – because the rhetoric has been a bit much, I am still very interested in the U.S. political scene and its outcome.

I think people believed Obama could work miracles when he was elected four years ago and many are disillusioned about him now.  Will he still have enough support to win the White House?

Does Romney’s disdain for the “47%” of people who are “victims” and rely on Obama’s financial help make him too much of a risk to vote for with this kind of elitist attitude?

We will find out soon enough. Just don’t hold your breath.

Which man would be best for Canadians?



2 thoughts on “U.S. election too close to call

  1. I think Romney is smarter . . Obama was going to cut the deficit in half ( He doubled it ), I’m not sure how many of trillions MORE they owe since he took office. @ a July 4th BBQ he told the throngs to buy U.S. goods, meantime a white-house employee released a receipt for the purses his daughters were touting ( 2 grand each, imported from Italy ).
    Oh btw I have stock in this company.
    Romney wants our oil, that will create thousands of Canadian jobs & I need people working to pay for my pensions. Especially since the Horse Racing Biz is about to come to a halt.

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