Emptied the flower pots, put everything in garage, hunkering down for Sandy

Are you ready for the monster storm?

It may not live up to its hype because man this thing is being blown up (and it already seems big enough).

Some 70% of Canadians will be affected, the Weather Network reports.

I’m just sad the flowers had to go into the compost. I didn’t want any pots sitting around as the wind gusts will be strong.

What are you doing in preparation?



4 thoughts on “Emptied the flower pots, put everything in garage, hunkering down for Sandy

  1. Fortunately a neighbour and I invested in having a risky old tree
    on our property lines trimmed back – not a cheap procedure.
    Earlier a City tree branch had done considerable damage and
    we decided to anticipate such weather.
    Media seem to be being cutsey, calling the threat by a childish
    horror movie take-off name, instead of getting us concrete advice
    on how households can cope with ever-frequent natural challenges.
    -What made you think of “clearing the deck’ for what could be real
    trouble ? (If it is an anti-climax in this area, that suits us, foretelling
    is not an exact science. Under-warning is dangerous) Have you read
    the serious warnings?
    High on the list of our concerns is loss of power, which can eliminate
    TV viewing and the internet aside from heat, light, cooking facililty
    and hot water and refrigeration loss etc. Land line a good backup…
    – Any word of local Evacuation centres for those who can’t tough it
    out if London is serious storm victim ? – and maybe of how to get
    to them for those without personal transportation like many
    elderly and some with small babies. Is London really up to a real
    emergency ???
    Best gadgets are a Blackout Buddy @ c $50, and LL Bean c$20
    led lanterns.

  2. Remember in the snowstorm a couple of years ago when City
    Hall closed down so staff could have some family times, and
    the woman left on the phone was concened about someone
    who wanted Mayor’s help getting shovelling an aging relative’s
    driveway so she could visit him and be able topark her car
    conveniently ? (Where was your telephone, lady if concerned?)

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