Islanders moving – will I have to change my blog name?

It’s sad but true that after 40 years on Long Island, my beloved Islanders are moving to Brooklyn.

Apparently they will keep the New York part of their name.

So I’m wondering can this blog name, based on my love of the Islanders, still stand?

Brooklyn is technically part of the island but it is considered a borough of New York City and nobody thinks of it as part of Long Island.

Can I get away with keeping the blog name based on a technicality?

Perhaps even the Islanders can get away with keeping their name.

What do you think?

It is a sad day from where I sit in front of this computer. It feels like the team is leaving home.


11 thoughts on “Islanders moving – will I have to change my blog name?

  1. OK, this Islander group is a hockey team in the US, founded 1972.
    How do you know about it, and why and how do you support it, and
    why not a hockey team in our own country which you are more likely
    to be able to buy a ticket see?
    That said, re possibly re-titling ,what brand do you want to promote
    with your blog, now a personal work not just part of a newspaper
    stable (LFP’s almost dead now in the revised format and the
    remaining ones stuck with juvenile outdated titles and little content.)
    What are criteria for giving a private blog a catchy google-friendly
    title ?
    Why does Ms Rumleski bother to pay for and publish a blog at all?
    (My guess is because writers need to write, it’s part of their nature.)
    And what do you want from your viewers??
    Answer in 25 words or less….

  2. But Gord that puts her back on a payroll, under editorial
    supervision and limits interest to those who use that particular
    outlet. Must say one wearies of dreary these Old-White-Guy
    columns local editors dole out to their retired friends.
    But without access to serious news hubs, what hard news
    can be brought to a blog that was not on radio, TV, print
    online yesterday. so already stale ?

  3. Stick with the blog name, pretty damn nice if I say so my self. Beside I could not think of you under a blog name like the Brooklyn Brawler…..hmmmm….or could I?

  4. About the Islanders. I started cheering for the Isles because my father taught one their players, Wayne Merrick, when he was a high school teacher in Sarnia.
    Most of the players on the team, then, and now are Canadian.
    I got to see the Islanders play in London at the Gardens, (maybe it was called Ice House then), during an exhibition game.
    Always possibilities of seeing the team in Toronto, too. (Just doesn’t look like anytime soon).

  5. New place to play, will not hurt season ticket holders and might even help put my bum in the seats. I think the players will see this as a commitment from the team and might even motivate them to soar to new heights! We are all Islanders!

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