Russian band members need to be set free


Are we living in the Middle Ages?

Why is it that band members of Pussy Riot are in prison for criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin?

But even worse, now they’ve been banished to a far-flung prison. Russian isn’t saying where though.

Where is the international outrage?

The women, who have young children, had asked to remain in Moscow to serve their sentence, but reports state they have been moved.

At least Madonna has voiced concern about the sentence of two years. Of course Putin supported the sentence. It is time for Putin to go.

Uh oh. By saying that maybe I’ll wind up in a Russian prison.


22 thoughts on “Russian band members need to be set free

  1. Kathy, it’s nothing to do with “we” and yes, Russian justice can be
    rough as its citizens well know. But the time to consider the effect
    on one’s family is before committing a crime and, to some, sacrilege –
    and then publishing the stunt online, with a vulgar foreign language.
    title irresistable to media.
    What did they think it would achieve, it would sell their albums? That the
    Virgin Mary would intervene ? Certainly not that their government would
    be overthrown…
    Not sure how far you’d get if you pulled a similar stunt in this country, –
    how is your Russian for dirty words? – but it’s a little late to play the
    Mommy card after sentencing by one’s country’s courts. (The power
    of political leaders to intervene in the Russian courts is unclear, but not
    too likely under our more open legal system.

  2. Would a Canadian prime minister intervene in a criminal court decision and
    sentencing as is being suggested ? They get into trouble for even contacting
    one privately.
    “Name associated with poisoning” is against our form of justice, or even fair
    media reporting, where the citizen is innocent until proven guilty and has
    civil rights re slander and libel. Our own political contests are getting pretty
    dirty themselves.
    Have no brief for the Russian leader, but some of the previous ones make him
    look pretty small potatoes as a bad guy. Not that anyone in that country cares
    what foreigners think.
    Still think pussy mothers were pretty stupid and their antics tasteless and juvenile.

  3. There is a lot of online talk about how elected politicans should be removed,
    but little information about the process, if any.
    As long as there is an elective system, the people can do this, politicking is
    work, organizing, and having a viable alternative. Throw the rascal out but who
    is to replace him/her – no vacuum allowed.
    If the Russkies do come for you Kathy, you can get some survival advice in
    the children’s book The Endless Steppe.

  4. An interesting topic. A quick look at the foreign country next door
    shows Presidential impeachment and criminal charges.Conrad Black
    is on the BBC telling us the USA system is mean, and threatening
    the TV interviewer with smashing him in the face. Sadly he did not –
    that would have been an interesting situation.

    • The video is on the National Post today. Conrad says he doesn’t believe in
      violence. Physical, apparently, not the violence of dirty tricks.
      He comes on as a very strange person and guess the British are not all that
      pleased to be stuck with him in the Lords.
      Now to go back and see how Bob Fulford is cheering for him. The Toronto
      “intellectual” mafia don’t want to lose this colourful dinner table companion…

  5. Just watched the interview.
    I believe the interviewer was quite enjoying himself. Meanwhile Black comes off as slightly out of his mind, even though he says he came through the prison system unscathed and with his mental faculties intact.
    A strange person indeed.
    At least Martha Stewart had the humility to admit she was wrong.

  6. Stewart needed to regain fans to carry on business.
    Black seems to think he is above normal standards, and his income doesn’t require
    Did you catch the BBC scandal where a knighted employee had made himself
    “untouchable” by building up a fundraising-for-charity image, behind which screen
    he was a child predator.
    Why getting other people to give you money, which you then pass on to others getting
    all the credit and publicity, is so much admired these days really eludes me. Credit,
    if any used, to be given to doing something yourself, either unpaid labour or giving
    out of one’s pocket. I think more feet of clay are going to be revealed as media lose
    the stars in their eyes.

  7. Consequences,
    I did see the Jimmy Savile story. Some of the clips I saw last night show totally inappropriate behaviour, which was filmed. (Of course, some of his antics were more accepted in former days.) And somebody had to know what was going on and let him carry on, much like Penn State sports figures did with Jerry Sandusky.

  8. Are we talking about the same thing? Story I saw was about the now-
    dead man once on BBC’s payrol,l who was knighted for Fundraising,
    especially involved in children’s causes. He developed this image
    this as a screen for sexual child abuse.
    No photos mentioned, victims just coming forth. Some BBC people
    knew and story was about to break elsewhere when they revealed it.
    Not acceptance by the general public, just men closing the ranks
    around a celebrity who lent his name to charity fundraisers.
    The US sports abuser did not use charity fundraising as a screen
    did he?

  9. Consequences,
    There was tape from former BBCer chasing children around and grabbing ladies’ bottoms (all in good fun supposedly) from the days when he worked for the broadcaster. It was quite some time ago. And yes he did use his celebrity to propel fundraisers.
    Armstrong did not use his charity as a screen as far as I know but he certainly used his celebrity to increase awareness and funds for his Livestrong foundation.
    I think the cake comment may be in reference to Martha Stewart’s return to airwaves after prison stint. Michael can let us know for sure.

  10. Well, as one not interested in the sport, it does look like he played
    on his fortunate recovery from a difficult disease to create an aura
    that protected him in certain circles from questioning . Without the
    victim story, would he have gotten away with fraud so long ? And
    how much of his “celebrity” came from his creating ‘Awareness’ of
    a form of cancer – was the public not aware of the disease? The
    medical profession not telling patients about it. Was something
    holding people back from donating to research based charities?
    Sorry, to me these guys exploit sickness for personal fame and profit.
    ‘Awareness’ means nothing tangible, just getting one’s personal
    Brand a lot of free media coverage. It used to be called advertising.
    And what does his income-protecting Foundation actually doing
    these days? How much donation money did he funnel off?
    He gave people hope? Hardly the first person to kick the disease.
    -Where did you find those old film clips of the BBC man ?
    -Ok cupcakes to you if the Russkies come for you. From the book
    the Endless Steppe, advice is to take a warm coat. The young girl
    in the book refused to wear hers, as too unfashionable.

  11. Tape was shown on our national broadcaster CBC. Aired on The National.
    Armstrong created awareness of his own foundation and I think because he was a champion and had overcome the disease it made a compelling story. Wonder how many are feeling completely duped?
    You raise an interesting question: “Without the victim story, would he have gotten away with fraud so long?”
    I think you’re on to something. Is it possible authorities gave him a break because of his condition? Did they feel the public wrath would turn on them for persecuting someone with cancer?
    My feeling is yes.

  12. I ‘m off pondering bad guys who are excused because of
    high profile association with something socially approved,
    ideally emotional. The Hitler Was a Wonderful Dancer school
    of rating people.
    but suggest we all considerwhat Awareness really means in
    the charitable indu$trie$..Vs what it means in improving one’s
    health habits, seeing one’s doctor for checkups. Being observant
    of one’s body for oddities.

  13. Another story about charity work being used as a smokescreen
    for private gain.
    ‘Generals for hire’: Royal British Legion chief under pressure.
    A former general and Falklands war hero’s position as president
    of the Royal British Legion is under question amid allegations he
    was willing to use it to benefit private companies. .
    By Tom Whitehead, and Rosa Prince 3:24PM BST 14 Oct 2012]
    ” Lieutenant-General Sir John Kiszely, former head of the Defence
    Academy, is alleged to have boasted he could push a company’s
    interests to figures such as the Prime Minister in a private box at
    the Festival of Remembrance next month at the Royal Albert Hall.
    The Legion yesterday launched a high-level investigation in to the
    claims to determine whether he had abused his position…”
    It is time for more public cynicism about the many charities getting
    tax relief, particularly those using celebrity figureheads..makes for
    a much healthier community if we oversee the fundraising “carers”.

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