Muck in the face and rain on my glasses


(I’m on the right with driver Scott Coulter).

It wasn’t a glamourous evening at Western Fair on Friday.

It was muddy and damp with some rain coming down, but oh so much fun.

I was competing in a media race after the first “real” harness race on the card. I like to think my race was real but I know they went easy on us.

I was happy my horse was a Run the Table son.  The magnificent stallion Run the Table of Killean Farms in Ingersoll died earlier this year. He was a champion.

My horse Killean Sweep (great name) was a 12-year-old who is retired from racing. Friends call him Harry so that’s what I called him.

My driver was Scott Coulter, a friendly guy, who was born in London and lived close to the track. He now makes his home in Brantford.

I finished second in the race (out of three).

The Sports XPress editor, Greg, won the race aboard Ram Buster, who still races.

We almost caught them at the line.

I was wearing the colours of Brian Tropea, Ontario Harness Horse Association president. I like Brian, but I should have taken Gord up on his offer to let me borrow his wife’s silks! Might have fit better.

I asked Brian if McGuinty’s resignation and the proroguing of Parliament changed anything for the industry and he doesn’t believe it will.

So they are plugging along, business as usual.

Glad I was a part of that business on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Muck in the face and rain on my glasses

  1. We almost caught them at the line. line? LINE? Sheesh its WIRE not line . . .
    & yes the other suit would have fit much better . . . next time . .Hopefully there will be a next time

  2. Gord,
    Google harness racing and finish line and you get nearly 2 million results. I know wire is often used, but the two words are interchangeable.
    Now, if I would have said jockey …
    Hoping for a next time!

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