Canada wins and “unsporting” punishment all on big day for soccer

The Canadian men’s team easily defeated the Cubans 3-0 at BMO field Friday night.

It was a cold evening as the wind came in off the lake and fans huddled with blankets. Still lots of cold beer being served though.

A handful of Cuban players defected to the U.S. before the game so the Fidel side only had 11 men, who had to play the whole game, hurt or not.

Cuban goalie Odelin Molina showed his athleticism as he hurled himself across the net, tipping a barrage of balls away.

His play managed to fire up the Cubans who came into the second half much stronger.

Canada finally cashed in on a couple of its many chances, to score two in the second half.

On Tuesday, Canada plays in Honduras, where a draw will advance the team to the next round of World Cup qualifying.

Meanwhile, FIFA has handed Canadian women’s captain Christine Sinclair a four-game suspension for her Olympic comments in which she criticized the officiating. She was right though, as it was embarrassing.

The soccer governing body said Sinclair displayed “unsporting” behaviour. I still don’t think that’s a word. I know unsportsmanlike is not the best word but should we be making up words?

What about saying she was unprofessional?



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