How will Lance Armstrong pedal his way out of this one?

I’ve always thought Armstrong was hiding something. But allegations that he was the spoke in a sophisticated doping program are shocking.

Let’s not convict him, but when he said he was done fighting the system instead of fighting for his reputation, that’s pretty damning stuff.

What do you think of this latest story?


10 thoughts on “How will Lance Armstrong pedal his way out of this one?

  1. From documents filed in court in the United States Anti-Doping agency case against Armstrong:
    “His goal led him to depend on EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions but also, more ruthlessly, to expect and to require that his teammates would likewise use drugs to support his goals if not their own.

    • If he was lying about his sports life, is it possible he also misrepresents
      his contribution to anti-cancer causes? Just going around spreading
      “awareness” of something as a key part of one’s professional brand is
      not philanthropic nor supportive of efforts to eradicate that particular
      form of the disease. It is just marketing.

  2. Another philanthropist goes down with Nathan Jacobson, for fraud.
    Time to party with charity groups and well-connected politicians
    and receive awards, etc. but not time to run a business that operates
    within the law. These ill-gotten gains are laundered through charities
    that give tax receipts creating victims of taxpayers too.

  3. It’s pretty crazy isn’t it?
    Will Mayor Fontana’s connections to Trinity Global, whose founder is accused of misleading investors hurt him, especially with these new allegations from the Marconi Club.

  4. The public does not “convict” him, unless you mean the “court
    of public opinion” – in fact it enabled the ongoing fraud as did
    cancer interests.encouraging naive patients to relate to his
    story as if he were some kind of religious figure with healing
    The Fontana issue is different in that he seems to have gotten
    into the public trough before he was once more a municipal
    Certainly the Free Press is going after this scoop … almost to
    the point of harassment and encouraging publicity-seeking
    council colleagues to pile on. Wonder who is Deputy Mayor
    with the ending of Board of Control system. Remember the
    issues are personal, unconnected with his Office as chief
    Certainly he can be hurt if only when the next election is held
    he choses to run again and no credible oppononent appears.

    He’s off the hook on his goof re his lapel poppy with a well
    houghtout apology – better than the Minister of Veterans
    Affairs -referring in Parliament to ‘sacrifices of fallen veterans’.
    A vet of course is someone who went to war and came back
    to resume civilian life, many to live to ripe old age.
    . ‘Fallen’ means those who went, but did not come back,
    having died during theirin military service – some practically
    schoolboys. (These never lived long enoughto know who won!)
    And this guy’s departmental website hosts the Virtual War
    Memorial project, that interactive registry of all our war
    dead – the Fallen – from Boer campaign through to today;

  5. it was in the paper yesterday late. Set up by another PC
    MP he obviously was cosying up with the diminishing war
    veteran clientele vote and has not done elementary
    homework in military history or even his deparment’s
    website content.
    –Take a look at the LFP “talk show” video starring Patrick
    and the old Chip…product placement takeout coffe cups,
    a poppy prop on one for mockery, and cosy references
    to some elected officials by their first names, others by
    surnames or full names. (Not Joe re the mayor). Do you
    not think that formal use of title Councillor would be
    more professional?
    Both meny managed to miss the Minister’s offensive
    slip when invoking him. Fontana did get it right in his
    damage control – and his family didn’t even come here
    until after the last war..
    -To an oldtimer it looks like an exercise of journalism class
    run by an old hack professor remembering the glory days.
    Do you remember how we even knew there was to be a
    Motion at that meeting ? Was it just slipped to the boys
    by chum “Nancy”, never actually entering the system ?
    This is not the job of a newspaper in a single paper town.
    There is no alternative view of their news angles so we
    can truly be informed.
    Hope someone, perhaps Dan Brock, intervenes with old
    time governing body stories – wasn’t Clerk Balkwill,
    a Devon man,tossed out of one town meeting for being
    into the bottle?
    (Yes I do agree we have elected a group from the Wards
    that cannot handle the job with civility – but who else offered

  6. Here is the exchange as reported by Sun group;
    James: (Roxanne )Mr. Speaker,,, Mr. Fontana’s response
    was to point to the poppy on his lapel and hide behind the
    sacrifices of our courageous war veterans.”
    GOOF ‘Veterans’ are civilians and not making any sacrifices.
    They were made when they were signed up asServicemen/
    Blaney:(Minister Stephen PQ Mr. Speaker,..
    Hiding behind our courageous veterans …GOOF vets are
    not doing anything least in a military sense….
    our great veterans who gave their lives for our country.
    GOOF Contemporary veterans are not even dead.
    —All together now, They grow not old, as we who are left
    grow old, age shall not wither them..
    Kathy – can your children distinguish between the Fallen
    and a veteran ?.


  7. I often cringe at how journalism continues to shrink as a “profession.” Not much professionalism in it.
    Of course part of it is trying to be hip to the young crowd. (Use of word hip, I’m sure, gives me away as not part of young crowd). This is especially the case on websites where anything goes. The more you can attract attention, the better, is the rule.
    About Coun. Branscombe: She did make it known ahead of time that she would be making a motion to discuss whether the mayor should step down. There are really no surprises with motions any more. Councillors talk about them ahead of time, see how much support they’re likely to get and then decide if they should proceed. Sometimes proceeding, even if you know the motion is likely to be defeated, will get you some political points. Case in point Tuesday.
    And yes, my children can distinguish between veteran and fallen. One has read a good many books on WWII and is quite interested in the sacrifices of Canadians.

  8. Perhaps that’s one of the problems – politicians using media
    people to serve their own political aims, and newsmen not
    digging in and insisting on proper process. Cosiness between
    elected officials and journalists was common at some stages of
    history but professionalism and media activism lessened this in
    recent years. It certainly taints news reports and the reputation
    of one Councillor to see this sort of thing. Journalism is still-
    a quasi profession, not having an official College to oversee
    it as we understand.
    As for the concepts of veterans of a war and its “fallen”, that
    became clear with the teaching classic war poetry in past
    years – now apparently the children ignore the greats of
    literature and write their own war-themed doggerel. What
    is needed is to stop generalizing about “sacrifices”. This
    is fairly recent cliche, loved by vet clubs and politicians.
    There is concept of Ultimate Sacrifice, meaning to offer
    one’s life life in the military service of one’s country”for the
    duration of hostilities” by enlisting, donning a uniform, and
    having it taken up by fate – some heroically, some of wounds,
    some by disease or just accident.
    The real War Dead story is in the individual lives cut short.
    the families from which they came – now bereaved., and hometowns
    also stripped of their best people. That’s where the VWM fits
    in, building up the individual identities of those re-interred in the
    parklike CWGC cemeteries and those lost forever on battlefield,
    in the air or at sea. These names appear on our group memorials
    by branch of service, army, navy, airforce.
    Am just posting a tiny old Globe story about the O’Brien family,
    a 3rd son KIA overseas near the end of the war. the 2 others
    already wounded but surviving VE day, demobilization and referred
    to by government as Veterans.
    Do have your kids browse in the VWM and see the variety of origins
    ages and hometowns of the men – and women – we sent off to
    wars on foreign soil -never to be seen again. Great Canadian geography
    lesson, too. If choice is WW1, there is backup in CEF Attestation docs
    over at LAC. Don’t forget the now-online London WW2 books,..

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