Final month of performances in Stratford

Our family took in The Pirates of Penzance at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival this past weekend.

There were lots of children in the audience, including my own, who were enjoying the show. It is a tad long for children, but most are able to stay focused just fine.

The sea background and a model of a pirate ship sailing the seas at various stages of the show was delightful.

I thought the singing was superb, especially by leads Kyle Blair and Amy Wallis. Sean Arbuckle as the Pirate King, was fully in tune with his character.

The show was hilarious from start to finish. Little comedic touches, such as a police officer fanning his fainted colleague with his kilt, were appreciated.

Thanks to Kyle Blair for meeting us after the show and answering a couple of questions for the kids.

It was pretty close to a full house and I can see why.

Definitely on the recommended list for this 60th season.

I had in my possession at one point a program from the 30th season. Alas, I have hunted high and low and I cannot find the hiding spot where I carefully placed it for safe keeping.

Anyone remember any shows from the 30th season?

What about the 60th season – have you seen a play this year? Some shows have already closed but many will run till the end of October.


2 thoughts on “Final month of performances in Stratford

  1. I was in Stratford on Saturday. Saw 42nd Street (also with Kyle Blair), and the closing performance of Henry V.

    Earlier this year, I saw Cymbeline (twice), Much Ado About Nothing, and The Matchmaker (Seana McKenna rocks the stage again).

    Always have a great time in Stratford, and looking forward to next season.

  2. Hi Overlaid,
    I also saw Blair in 42nd Street. He told me Saturday that he had to work hard on his tap dancing to get up to speed with everyone. Couldn’t tell. I thought his dancing was good.
    Also looking forward to the 61st season..

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