Fascinating debate about “new” Mona Lisa


Arguably the most famous painting in the world, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa just had 10 years shaved off her appearance.

A Swiss group is arguing that da Vinci painted two Mona Lisas.

While some experts argue he wouldn’t have had this woman sit twice to have her portrait done, there have been hints for years that there were two Mona Lisas.

While there hasn’t been any proof that the younger woman is not daVinci’s work (and gamma ray technology has been used), many are skeptical.  Apparently close inspection reveals subtle details in the “new” painting are not as precise as daVinci’s work.

This does not mean that it isn’t daVinci’s but rather he does a better job on the one we’ve all come to know and he didn’t perfect this second one, unveiled recently.

There are many experts who argue this is the master’s painting.

What do you believe?


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