National Forest Week comes at crucial time

The week celebrating trees and all things green runs from Sept. 17 to 22.

As we reflect on trees in the Forest City, we definitely have some things to be anxious about.

The trees did not get enough rain this past summer, compounding an already dry winter.

The City of London website suggests watering trees in a circular manner.

*To reach the full root system of a tree you need to water in a circle area that extends from the trunk base to the outermost branches.

*When watering trees it is important to saturate the soil around the tree continuing out to the outer branches to disperse water down to the roots.

Guess what the cost is to water your trees?

If you’re giving a tree about 2.5 cm of water per week, the cost is about 23 cents per week.

For more information, visit

You can also fill out a survey there to help inform the city about your wishes as it charts our urban forest future.


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