NHL players locked out

It’s a depressing day as the NHL dispute intensifies. It looks as if fans will not be able to watch a full season of hockey.
The fight between the league and its players will likely mean at least some games will be cancelled. I think a resolution will come to save the season but not all of the games.
Right now the league has locked out the players.
Many people don’t seem to care. We have been through this before after all.
Wondering if you care?
What side are you on?


2 thoughts on “NHL players locked out

  1. Were going through mass changes, NHL done & players heading for greener pasture over the sea. Horse racing is in jeopardy, Kate may as well get a job has a peeler in Windsor, rumor has it that prince Harry took the snaps from his wirly – bird. The U.S. and Canadian embassy’s are in danger because of a flick made by a some guy who has character deficiencies . What can happen next. ?

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