Late London journalist had royal blood

With recent news that skeletal remains found could be those of Richard III, DNA tests are now being performed on the children of a London journalist, who had Richard’s blood line.

The tests are being done with the hope to prove the remains are the King’s, who was killed in a battle in 1485.

The late journalist was Joy Ibsen. Her husband Norm, was also a journalist and worked at The Free Press. As a journalism student I interviewed him about his work but he had retired by the time I landed at the paper.

To read the Free Press story about Joy and the King, here is the link. It curiously does not mention the Ibsen ties to the Free Press.


3 thoughts on “Late London journalist had royal blood

  1. The stories are hard to follow as they omit the family surname of Joy, who
    became wife-of Mr. Ibsen. She carries the DNA of interest, and passes
    it along to her children – only her female child able to pass it on.
    Had she any direct connection with the London Free Press? She died
    a few years ago so can’t speak for herself.

  2. UK Leicster Mercury says: Michael’s mother, Joy Ibsen (nee Brown),
    whom Dr Ashdown-Hill originally tracked down in Ontario, Canada..
    ..he said: “Each time a woman gets married, her name changes, so
    I had to look at wills and grandchildren. When I got to the surname
    Brown, I thought it was going to be a disaster. However, it wasn’t.”
    The line that led to Michael (Ibsen, s/o Norman, London Ontario)
    was through Richard’s eldest sister, Anne.
    “One of Michael’s grandmother’s cousins(maternal or paternal ?)
    married [anti-slavery campaigner] William Wilberforce…

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