Western Fair gives more value for money

Jim Cressman/Special to Isle of Rumleski

We went to the Western Fair Tuesday and couldn’t take everything in.

There is so much to see and do this year.

My mission was to get the kids on some rides, try deep-fried butter tarts, play some games, look at some of the exhibits and take in the Jo Dee Messina concert.

We didn’t make it to the Agri-Plex, which was next on the list but we ran out of time.

Thankfully we have a submitted photo to show a newborn calf.

The kids enjoyed the rides but be warned that you can go through money fast if you ride a lot. The ride-all-day-pass, $40, is the best bet if you plan on spending time at the midway. And this Sunday is 2-for-1 rides all day.

We also went to the mini Midway for our youngest son. The kids’ only complaint of the whole evening was that the bouncy gym blow-up rides inside the big castle were somewhat deflated.

There were only short waits for most of the rides, which was great.

In the food department (or maybe I shouldn’t really call it food!), we all shared deep-fried butter tarts and they were good, but very rich. A perfect snack to share.

I would recommend Alfie’s Lemonade truck inside the Progress building if you’re thirsty. The home-made lemonade is a mixture of tang and sweet and is refreshing.

I also recommend purchasing the $2 food voucher booklet. We got our $2 back in our first purchase and saved on treats and drinks all day.

We stopped to take in the military exhibition. It was fabulous. The personnel from the Canadian Forces 31 Brigade let the kids climb up in the tanks, boats and multi-purpose vehicles. They got to hold a rocket launcher and saw a badly-hurt “dummy” who was missing a hand, had a gaping whole in his stomach, facial lacerations and more. We were told in real combat, these kind of injuries are life-threatening and the patient on the table might not make it due to loss of blood. “Blood” even squirted from him.

Country star Jo Dee Messina rounded out the night.

She sang all of her hits, including a song about the first female soldier casualty following the 9-11 attack. It was appropriate considering it was Sept. 11.

Messina talked to the crowd a lot and even took requests during her encore. The concert was free as part of the fair admission. I think this is a good move by the Fair.

We might even take in another concert on Saturday night – Shawn Desman – with our bounce-back tickets, which allow patrons to come back for another day for $5.

I’ll close the post with a comment from my youngest son.

Children are honest and I always value their opinion.

He told me that no matter where he is living when he grows up, “I’ll make sure I bring my kids here.”


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