Should Canada interfere on Iran plan

It is clear that Iran’s leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a kook. Is he on par with Hitler? Not sure.

He has said he’d like to see Israel wiped out.

But then there are other leaders who would like to see Iran eliminated. In August, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef says Jews should pray for the destruction of Iran.

Canada took a step forward in this controversy over the weekend. The federal government has closed its embassy in Iran. Analysts are saying this is a sign the PM is standing firm with Israel and may even become involved militarily if hostilities continue.

Israel said it will defend itself against Iran and is just waiting it out.

Are Canadians weary of interfering in other nation’s politics and contributing with military efforts?  I think they are.

Canada must think carefully what its next step will be in this conflict.

At the same time, having a terrorist in office complicates things immensely.


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