St. Peter’s Graduates – 1941

Thanks to Mary Brennan, who supplied this photo of the graduating class from St. Peter’s Catholic elementary school in London.
The graduates are:
Back Row:  Hubert Dignan; Terry L.; Tony Elmore; Jack Coyle; George M.; Frank Russo; Bob McHugh; Don McMaster; Tom Sullivan; Frank Ross and Bill McNeil;
2nd from Back Row:  Ann Murray; Madeline Simpson; June Hammond; Cecilia W.; Teresa Howard; Betty Cook; Delta Sealy; Jean Currie; Madeline Reidy; Eileen Smith; Margaret Hustinski;
2nd from Front Row:  Rosemary Self; Antoinette Liscaridd; Marion Canper; Father Morrison; Father Smith; Madeline Pensa; Nancy Tornobuno; Kathryn Ayers;
Front Row:  Bill Clancy; Basil Healy; Bob Ward; Tim Brennan; Don Robertson; Jack O’Flarety; Jack Tiede; Arthur Stocken; Ed Clancy.
The photo appears to have been taken by George A. Henry, LONDON CAN.
Recognize any names?
Can you fill in any names?

2 thoughts on “St. Peter’s Graduates – 1941

  1. NOTE:” George A. Henry, photographer was in business in London from
    approximately 1901 until 1951, six years before his death in 1957.
    (Source: London Free Press, May 9, 1957) “.
    [info from cataloguing notes in LPL London Room old pix online project}

  2. Ms Brennan’s offer to photo share has been liberated from the Free Press in
    the nick of time. Went back for it to add Comment that the photo is accessible
    here, and found the new online format link for it just comes as ‘Error’.
    If anyone using the RC system has anything about St. Nicholas School on
    Cheapside frm 1893 to sale of the building 1914, it would be wonderful. Not
    even a photo of the little building has turned up, although there is a list of RC
    family surnames.

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