Say it ain’t so Lance

Lance Armstrong, who was the greatest cyclist, is being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.
While he hasn’t admitted that he cheated, he does say he is giving up the fight of proving his innocence.
I remember cheering for him whole-heartedly after he came back from fighting cancer to battle the hills of the Tour de France.
Do you feel betrayed?
Another hero who comes up way short.


14 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so Lance

  1. With seven Tour titles, he was a sports hero. That is a feat, Feet of Clay, that had never happened, nor ever will, I believe, without performance-enhancing drugs.
    He used his profile to raise millions of dollars for the cancer society, which wouldn’t have happened had he stayed quiet about his personal struggles. So you could say that is perhaps his greatest achievement.
    Certainly his status of cancer survivor who went on to compete at the top of his sport made him even more of a hero.

  2. I don’t think professional athletes can have it two ways, mixing disease group
    fndraising glamour with beating others for important sports titles.
    This commercialization of athletic feats is fairly new as is the claim to fame of
    having that particular disease.
    No “hero” of mine as it appears he was cheating all along. How the the cancer
    professional fundraisers will feel about using his “brand” again isn’ yet known.
    He seems to have let down a lot of people, in sports, in charitable giving, and
    fans like yourself.
    Young Fox for example was not competing with anyone for international honours
    and his sole goal was fundraising to get people to give him money to fund research
    and treatment of the disease that was killing him. To many that was “heroic”.
    Anyone know when “Cancer Survivor” entered the language and if any other disease
    uses the same kind of slogan ?
    We shall agree to disagree on this as FofC is not a big follower of sports, nor is that
    particular disease the focus of our health interests and charitable giving.

  3. Maybe a time comes that changes our priorities.To me,it seems he was tested and retested,he now wants to spend time in other avenues and this is not that important to him.He knows what he did or didn’t do and seems quite happy to leave things as they are….right or wrong….I’m not about to judge…..but there are those that must.

  4. Hi Jim,
    How are you?
    I guess we have given him the benefit of the doubt about whether he competed clean or not to a degree.
    But with so much at stake, wouldn’t you want to fight to prove your innocence?

    • It may seem…”so much @ stake” to many but maybe not to him.If I had accomplished half as much as Mr. Armstrong,maybe in my mind, just knowing who I am and what I have done is all that is needed personally.Oh ya,,,,I’m doing well and will be thinking of you and yours this weekend.

  5. How is he going to Fight ? Would the negative ongoing publicity not a high price for
    proving the unprovable aside from legal costs?
    Suspect professional cancer interests will continue to be delighted with the money
    that he got other people to contribute to their cause. Not sure if they paid him for
    being their celebrity or if he wrote off the time as huge free personal publicity.
    What do bracelet buyers do with those brand identity gimmicks?
    -To watch, will be UK citizen Conrad Black fighting to retain his Order of Canada status –
    and how Toronto intelligensia circle the wagons for this quotable local celebrity, and the
    reaction of other Order holders who are not in his little black book.
    Definitely not the dog days for media this August !

  6. IS there any way of indicating the character count that works here? Most
    annoying to submit Comments that have floating sentence endings

  7. -To watch, will be UK citizen Conrad Black fighting to retain his Order of Canada status-
    Yes, do get this effect on other blogs and it can look pretty silly and be hard to read
    Your remark is blue boxed, apparently setting a character count limit before breaking.

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