Hand-hooked rugs tell historical story


A London artist is illustrating a historical tale of Newfoundland through her textile art.

Kaaren Batten will be in Bayfield Sun. Aug. 19 with her hand-hooked rugs which she made from recycled wool garments. Wool from old fisherman’s pants from Nova Scotia, clothing from family members and friends were also used.

In her art she tells the story of Emily.

Emily’s story was also conveyed in lyrical verse and song by her granddaughter Denise Batten, of Placentia, Nfld.

Published by Creative Book Publishing, the book about Emily tells of her life in coastal Newfoundland. She was born in 1900.

Emily had hooked rugs for utilitarian reasons, keeping winter drafts away from doors and warming up floors.

A book launch was held in St. John’s in June and the rugs were unveiled. Together they formed a unique project.

In September Denise and Kaaren have been invited to attend Word on the Street in Halifax.

You can see the rugs at Bayfield Historical Town Hall from 2 to 4 p.m.

Here is a link to Kaaren’s flyer.

kaaren rug flyer


3 thoughts on “Hand-hooked rugs tell historical story

  1. Dear Kathy and blog followers,
    The town hall was a perfect setting for the Emily rugs and many thanks to the many who have encouraged and supported my creativity.
    The Emily rugs are a tribute to Canadian women who have always provided stability and strength. We sing praises to the wonderful women we have known who continue to inspire new generations and Emily embraces this spirit. Kaaren Batten

  2. Hi Kaaren,
    Glad you had a good turnout. The rugs look great. Thanks for the photos. I added one to this post. Congratulations on a great project and for drawing attention to women such as Emily.

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