Boy who gave Canadian sprinters his medal hopes it’s put up on one of their walls

By now you’ve probably heard the story of the 10-year-old Newfoundland boy, Elijah Porter, who gave the only medal he had, a TimBits soccer medal, to the disqualified 4×100-metre relay team.

He wrote a heartwarming letter and asked his mom to mail the medal and the letter.

He was on a Nfld. radio station today and was surprised when relay team member Justyn Warner also joined in on the interview.

You can listen to the interview.

His innocence is precious as he suggests to Warner that he could put it up on his wall.

Teammate Seyi Smith tweeted to Warner that Warner could have the medal for three months and then he wants it.

What do you think of this story?



7 thoughts on “Boy who gave Canadian sprinters his medal hopes it’s put up on one of their walls

  1. Haven’t quite figured out what a ‘timbits medal’ is, but that company is sure
    taking any sacrifice out of the gift situation – according to online information,
    “A spokeswoman for Tim Hortons said the company will give him another medal,
    as well as a bicycle.” Who released the letter to the athlete to the public is not clear.

  2. Gestures,
    I believe the boy’s mother sent a copy to Athletics Canada who then released it through Twitter.
    Tim Horton’s may feel that the boy’s action deserves a medal. Whatever the company’s motive, they sure are getting lots of publicity.

  3. So an apparently innocent response by the child to an Olympian athlete’s situation
    was promoted by his own his mother for personal publicity and by the donut people
    for profit.It’s not clear if the athlete was complicit in the commercialization of the
    gesture or is it just pure luck that he is getting so much sympathitic personal publicity..
    Tim Horton Inc. is not in the business of giving out Olympics-related awards.
    A truly cynical person could wonder if the lad’s dad is employed by the donut people
    and could see where this all was going in the internet age. Should we watch for copycats
    for payoffs?
    Wonder what the child has learned from all this..

  4. The medal (which was the only one he has received) happened to be Tim Horton’s which sponsors a lot of community sports activities. I think if he was given a medal by PetroCan, for example, he would have given that one. Tim Horton’s just got lucky. Or you could say they deserve the recognition for all of the children’s activities they sponsor, (including my son’s indoor soccer league this year).
    It is not clear if the mother wanted this to go further (she sent message to Athletics Canada, possibly to get information about where to mail the letter and medal).
    I think copycats are likely.
    Not sure what the child has learned. I think it started out as a great sentiment. Where adults have taken it is not his doing.
    About the athlete, he was in Germany training and unaware of what was happening back in Canada. Athletics Canada apparently contacted him and then the radio station. No complicity in my opinion.

  5. The athlete surely was just touched by the gesture and happy to benefit from
    the positive publicity fallout when social media response could have been
    blaming him for the Fault that disqualified the team. The child says the race rule
    is wrong, which was not the point – and not a good attitude for playing sports.
    Well, it is a feel good story and underlines the stance the runner took in saying
    he did something unacceptable, and gracefully acknowledging it rather than
    leaving it to the team captain to cope with media.
    Perhaps medallion is better than medal as it was a commercial commemorative of
    participation, a souvenir not an award for performance. Off to see which towns
    the kid and the runner are from.

  6. Elijah Porter lives in Paradise NL. On a line straight west from St. John’s on
    the Atlantic to Conception Bay and facing Bell Island, notable for its WW2 history
    of a German submarine torpeding a ship there, well into Canadian waters.
    I hate it when there are vague reference to people being Canadian or from a
    province/territory. Individual communities matter and should be identified.
    Particularly when they have such great names..

  7. The Canadian men’s 4×100-metres relay team – Justyn Warner Markham,
    Gavin Smellie Etobicoke, Seyi Smith Ottawa, all Ontarians. The apologetic
    Faulted runner.Jared Connaughton is from New Haven, PEI, another islander..

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