Usain Bolt instant superstar

With 115 million references to Usain Bolt on the Internet, moments after he defended his 100-metre Olympic gold, Bolt may be the biggest celebrity on the planet at the moment.

The superlatives are flowing fast and furious as journalists try to find new ways to describe him.

Maybe terminator will work as he once and for all time proved he is the fastest man ever (At least of those who compete on the world stage) and killed all hope of his rivals.

Beijing wasn’t luck.

He simply demolished the competition. When I saw with what ease and dare I say beauty he  ran his semifinal, I knew no one would touch him in the final. He is simply awe inspiring.

What adjective would you use to describe Bolt?

People will talk about Bolt for decades to come. How lucky are we to see this running machine in our lifetimes?


2 thoughts on “Usain Bolt instant superstar

  1. The wind has nothing on Bolt. Simply out of this world. Hard to believe anyone will beat his 9.59 world record or Olympic record of 9.64

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