Who knew quick break would lead to four-hour Olympic record

I’ve been loving all of the Olympic action but by today I felt I had to get something done.

So after watching the Canadian women tie Sweden in soccer, I hung some clothes out on the line and did some dishes.

I mistakenly decided to take a quick break to watch Canadian Milos Raonic play Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France in tennis.

Who knew this would turn into one of those marathon games in which no one would blink?

There go my plans to get any work done.

The gruelling battle was the longest in Olympic history, coming in at two minutes shy of four hours.

This is what the Olympics are about, giving it your all for your country.

On top of the four hours there was a two-and-a-half hour rain delay.

Wonderful fortitude on both sides as it’s not easy to stay calm when you just want to get back out there. And then to have the third set go 25-23 is simply willpower.

Magnificent match.

With this many points going back and forth I figure there’s no point for me to do any work now.


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