Getting news from Twitter

A tweet from the London Central Library on Dundas St. was sent out this morning letting people know it is open until 9 p.m. for those who need to cool off.

The offer comes after London announces a heat alert in effect today.

Unfortunately the other library branches are closed on Mondays so people have to head downtown to get some relief at the library.

As I’m reading my tweets this morning, I’m wondering how many people get their news from Twitter?

Do you log into your Twitter account to start your day instead of picking up a paper or searching news sites online?

Here are some news items I found on my Twitter account this morning.

*NCAA vacates Penn State’s football program of all wins from 1998 to 2011.  Tweet by CNN

* is down – we’re working on the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience. City of London

*Jaw-dropping moments really do make time appear to stand still. Brainworks Rehab

*This is incredible. Former chief economist for McKinsey says super rich have stashed $21 trillion in secret tax havens. Doug Ferguson (past president of the Liberal Part of Canada).


9 thoughts on “Getting news from Twitter

  1. Why are people and institutions sending the Blog headlines and notices?
    What does it cost you, now out of your own pocket, overall to use Twitter and
    underlying services for business purposes ? Really curious as do not use it.
    Why do traditional media promote these services that compete for money ?
    just as always have wondered about payback for publicizing movies and books.
    Interesting that the City of London is using you for public notices…

  2. Checked the City website – it works…
    Must be some other official Cooling Sites besides one at Dundas at Wellington

  3. Hooked up,
    I choose to follow the city and the library on Twitter to get information. The city cannot send a message to someone who isn’t following it on Twitter. Like Facebook, you can also “unfollow” someone.
    About payback – none that I am aware of.
    In my experiences reviewing movies/books, you get into the show or get the book free.

  4. Ok, so user signs up for their communications. Both ends must be on the service.
    Don’t do Facebook either- again requiring engagement at both ends. It is service
    to you, and one with which you can inform Blog adherents from a trusted source
    As a news consumer this household tends to rely on CBC 2 radio, home delivery
    of what’s left of the traditional Globe and Mail, scan the Star online, do the LFP in
    depth to see not only local news but how well the website serves the reading public
    Obviously Kathy where I am coming at this is from point of view of those who do
    not use these new popular systems and costly devices, and how they are served
    with necessary reliable information. Most people have a mail slot and we still get
    good use of it…!
    Realize the Reviewer gets to keep the book, whether review is good or negative,
    but wonder how media Proprietors decide to give them so much free advertising.
    Didn’t know about free movies – free plays too? Used to be payback in movie
    listings in the paper but that’s along time ago. Travel junkets must declare
    themselves mustn’t they ?
    Real changing and fascinating times in media in a relatively short span of time.
    How many in your audience have ever held a slug of hot lead of their name ?

  5. Hooked Up,
    Generally reviewers get into the play or concert free as well and often are allowed to take a guest. This has changed from the days when the media outlet bought the ticket for the reviewer. It may still be the case at some outlets.
    Changes in media in last decade or so have been unprecedented in my opinion.
    Is a computer becoming a must have item these days? Is TV still necessary?

  6. – A ‘must’ if one has the resources to support one, and the skills to use it easily.
    Television, 60 years this September in Canada, serves news and entertainment
    needs of many – remember there are a lot of older people around who predate
    even that invention and their needs need serving. Not to mention the childhood
    market. Buy a set and rabbit ears and access to CBC TVO CTV CTS, no further
    costs for life of the set beyond electricity, and one watchable by a group not
    just the self-engrossed gadget owner.
    We’re in danger of having a “lower class” as someone opined recently if society
    forgets this demographic and others excluded from gadgetry and service fees.
    Even gadget enthusiast boomers will soon find that older fingers and eyes aren’t
    comfortable with miniaturization..
    And think of the caregivers of the elderly and less abled who don’t themselves have
    the skills to support an computer using aged client’s household needs..
    Mind you, it depends on what one sees as the function of modern news-based
    media in a democracy, with the special status in the Charter.

  7. I understand what you mean about miniature.
    You have to use your fingertip on an i-Pod and the seller said I would get used to it. Well I have yet to get used to it as my fingertips constantly hit the letter beside the one I want.
    A former Free Press editor-in-chief borrowed my rabbit ears once but soon gave up and decided he needed more than what rabbit ears could bring into his livingroom.

  8. Each household has its own TV access needs and abilities to pay.
    Rabbit ears antennae stations lineup pretty restricted for needs of a senior
    man in the news business.Much of local TV is about the dead and diseased.
    and asking for money. Pretty depressing.
    It’ll be interesting if people in your general demographic start to feedback to
    manufacturers what they want in user-friendliness. You may not ever get really
    comfortable with it no matter what the salesclerk said. One can see older people
    trying to call a taxi company to get home from a medical appointment almost in
    tears trying to type long numbers – sometimes finally a helpful office clerk saying
    I’ll call for you…ensures patient loyalty..
    What helps is if various people describe what a particular device does for them
    and the ongoing cost, skipping the putdown to those who have not the gadget
    du jour. Didn’t even plunge on a computer until had listed all the functions it
    would serve that I routinely need, and got a printer at the same time to make
    hard copy, now replaced with a scanner which has been invaluable.

  9. Thinking about this, I would like to have Twitter if the person I’m sharing research
    with overseas also has it. This would allow chit chat and comment to move quickly
    and separately from the meat of the project.
    But let’s not confuse gadgetry with the electronic connectivity it enables.This is
    where children are manipulated by business advertising is it not ? No sense of
    how things can be done otherwise, of improvisation. Think of the network of ham
    radio enthusiasts moving information around the globe and in real time..

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