Crowd cheers as British take Fort George



Last weekend was spent in the Niagara region to take in some War of 1812 bicentennial activities.

We watch a battle re-enactment at Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake. It surprised me how much the crowd got into it – yelling things at the American soldiers, cheering on the British and Canadians. No Native soldiers represented.

When the British flag was raised again at the Fort, the crowd cheered wildly.

It wasn’t actually true to history  because the Americans abandoned Fort Niagara after earlier winning in from the British.

What I enjoyed more was the ships and boats on Lake Ontario exchanging fire with the troops on shore.

As the boats were going by, I saw a trio of boys playing on a dock in the water, totally oblivious to the boats going by as seen in the photo below.


Are you taking in any bicentennial activities?



3 thoughts on “Crowd cheers as British take Fort George

  1. Check the name on that “dock”. It comes up online as an inflatable raft.
    A pretty expensive water toy too. Heaven help them if they get into trouble
    with there is so much re-enactment activity going on.
    Can’t make out what the two children in front of the raft are sitting on..

  2. Kids and Water,
    Inflatable raft it is. Thank you.
    There were warnings that they would be firing from the beach. Kids were away from the area, but still in a bit of a precarious position.
    They didn’t seem to care about the boats around them at all which was curious to me.

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