Great choice for Canadian flag bearer

Simon Whitfield will carry the flag for the Canadian team at opening ceremonies of the London Olympics.

Whitfield has won a gold and silver medal for his country at two Olympics in the triathlon.

When he won his gold in 2000, he came out of nowhere. Not many Canadians had heard of him.

By the 2008 Olympics, he was written off.

Whitfield has surprised us twice with his competitiveness and drive to win, but also his heart.

It was amazing to see him come from behind with everything he had to pick up a silver in Beijing. He ran an amazing race and the announcers couldn’t believe he had put himself in contention for a medal. He really looked out of it earlier as his face showed the stress his body was enduring.

I heard a recent interview with him and he said at 37 he is hoping many competitors disregard him.

Whatever happens in the other London, Whitfield is already a winner. He has won the prestigious role of flag bearer.

Well done.


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