Great quote still inspires call to freedom

Thanks to London spiritual director Bruce Tallman, who sends out 10 spiritual growth ideas at the start of each month.

For July this one stood out: There can be no personal liberation without social liberation. “No one is free until we are all free.” – An anti-apartheid slogan in South Africa.

As I think about this statement I wonder how I can make a difference writing from my laptop in my little corner of the world in London, ON?

How can I pursue freedom around the world?

I can lend my voice to the call for freedom to marry in light of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s statement that he is gay.

I can also call for freedom from poverty by the sharing of my resources, time and talent.

What else can we do together?



3 thoughts on “Great quote still inspires call to freedom

  1. the Freedoms OF and FROM –
    The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by US President
    Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941. he proposed
    four fundamental freedoms that people “everywhere in the
    world” ought to enjoy: (These were popularly illustrated by
    Norman Rockwell. (Significant is the date – well before that
    country chose to enforce them by entering the war in Europe.)
    1.Freedom of speech and expression
    2.Freedom of worship
    3.Freedom from want
    4.Freedom from fear

    Then there are the Freedoms TO ?:
    So how do you persuade lawmakers in Mr Cooper’s home
    State to allow same-sex marriage, if that is his poinr?
    Surely this is a So-What issue in Canada where “coming
    out” is a regular announcement by newsmakers. The issue
    of schoolyard bullying being a Right to be Free From.

    As to poverty, why not start in our own backyard? Food Banks
    have become a permanent soup kitchen approach. Need to
    appear in public asking for a handout and well ofl people
    congratulating themselves for their charity. Always reminds
    me of “Christmas Eve in the Workhouse”.
    So what other models are there for sharing foodstuffs within
    a community ?Transportation costs for the impoverished
    always seem to be a barrier to equity.
    Remember legal apartheid policies in South Africa were a distinct
    issue, not generalized difuse lifestyle problems.

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